Public Policy

The Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault advocates for victims/survivors, their families and communities, as well as for Maine’s sexual assault service providers both on the state and national level. MECASA tracks bills which affect survivors and our communities, testifies before the Legislature, and engages legislators. But, public policy is not just crafted at the State House. We participate in a wide range of policy conversations related to victim services, the criminal justice system, sex offenders, and prevention at the many public policy tables in Maine. Some examples include: the Maine Commission on Domestic and Sexual Abuse, the Department of Corrections’ Victim Advocacy Committee, and the Maine Criminal Justice Academy Board of Trustees.

Our victim-centered policy positions are informed by the experience of Maine’s sexual assault service providers and the communities in which they work. In addition, we make every effort to develop thoughtful positions based on the available research and the expertise of our statewide partners.

We welcome your input, ideas, and involvement.

Policy Tools

Sexual Assault Advocacy Guide: An Advocate’s Guide to Sexual Assault Policy
This manual contains a variety of information around understanding the federal legislative process, including action tools such as tips for meeting with your legislator.

Find Your Elected Officials
Look up your Maine and US legislators based on your town or zip code.

Maine State Government Structure
The three branches of state government and the major departments and structure of each branch.

How a Bill Becomes a Law
Learn the steps by which a bill moves through the legislative process and may eventually become a Maine law. From the Maine Law and Legislative Reference Library.

Maine Statutes
A complete listing of all Maine laws.

Search Statutes
Search Maine’s laws by keyword.

Search Legislative Bills
Search bills currently in the Legislature.

Check Status of Legislative Bills
Find out the current status of a bill as it moves through the Legislature.

National Laws and Legislation:
The Library of Congress provides links to current and past federal legislation, the US Code, congressional records, and information about the federal legislative process.

Allied Public Policy Resources

National Alliance to End Sexual Violence
The mission of the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence (NAESV) is to end sexual violence by strengthening national public policy related to sexual assault survivors and the issue of sexual assault. NAESV advocates for the rights of sexual assault survivors, support for rape crisis centers, and the advancement of comprehensive strategies for ending sexual assault.

Maine Women’s Lobby
The Maine Women’s Lobby, a membership organization, was formed in 1978 when a group of Maine delegates to the National Women’s Conference met to discuss activities the delegation might undertake to promote the well-being of Maine women. After the defeat of their domestic violence bill in the Maine Legislature, due in large part to the lack of representation of Maine women as an “interest group,” they formed a not-for-profit corporation to bring the perspective of women to public policy in the State of Maine.

Maine Women’s Policy Center
The Maine Women’s Policy Center was founded in 1990 to improve the economic, social, and political status of women and girls in Maine through public policy and leadership development.

Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence
The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence seeks to create and encourage a social, political, and economic environment in which domestic violence no longer exists, and to ensure that all people affected by domestic abuse and violence are supported and that batterers are held accountable. MCEDV mobilizes and coordinates community action through a statewide network of domestic violence projects.

Legislative Reports

Each legislative session, MECASA publishes a guide to legislation that impacts sexual violence victims and survivors in Maine and/or Maine’s sexual violence prevention efforts. Guides are listed from newest to oldest and provides public law summaries.

MECASA Legislative Session Summaries

Legislative & Gubernatorial Reports