Our Programs

cacMaine Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers

The Network is a membership organization committed to promoting Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) and supporting existing and emerging centers. The Network promotes the development, growth, and utilization of CACs and multi-disciplinary teams to more effectively respond to Maine’s sexually abused children and their families. The Network provides statewide representation and support for Maine’s local Children’s Advocacy Centers including resource sharing and mentoring, technical assistance, public policy advocacy, and statewide communication. The Network also sends out a monthly resource round up of news and new resources and research. More information can be found at cacmaine.org.

MAINESTEN-FINALMaine Sex Trafficking & Exploitation Network

The Maine Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Network provides training, technical assistance, and resources to direct service providers engaged in anti-trafficking efforts in Maine, as well as community awareness and public policy support. The effort is supported by a statewide Sex Trafficking Provider Council. Maine STEN also engages in other human trafficking programmatic efforts, such as managing a victim’s support fund, developing a volunteer bank, a bi-weekly news and resource roundup, and a human trafficking-specific media packet for Maine journalists. For more information, visit mainesten.org.

Backbone ZoneBackbone Zone

The Backbone Zone is an innovative primary prevention program which helps students confront gender- based bullying, sexual harassment, and sexist and homophobic language. With a quick tagline — “Everybody has a backbone. Use yours.” — and witty and provocative photos and messages, the Backbone Zone uses real language to highlight harmful gender stereotypes and help students identify actions that they can take in response. It is meant to accompany a range of prevention programming. Materials can be found here.

Safe Space

Maine’s sexual assault support centers and allied organizations have come together to build capacity of Maine’s sexual assault support centers to better serve LGBTQ survivors of sexual violence. Learn more about our efforts here.