Engaging Men and Boys

MECASA believes engaging men is an essential tool of primary prevention. Involving men as partners and leaders in ending sexual violence is crucial to stopping this violence before it occurs. Engaging men means involving men in conversations about and taking action against aspects of dominant traditional masculine culture, which are societal factors contributing to sexual violence. Engaging all people is central to empowering bystanders and primary prevention efforts where everyone is an ally and takes responsibility for ending sexual violence.

At MECASA, we believe in building a healthy culture where respect, empathy, and nonviolence are important, everyone matters, and everyone should be involved in sexual violence prevention. Sexual violence involves and impacts people of all genders, and it will take people of all genders working to prevent it. A healthy culture is a safe culture.

MECASA is committed to engaging men in all of our prevention efforts and supporting organizations, such as Boys to Men, who create, organize, and provide programming in support of examining and changing men’s roles in ending sexual violence.

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Boys to Men
The mission of Boys to Men is to reduce interpersonal violence by offering programs that support the healthy development of adolescent boys, provide assistance and educational resources to boys and those who help raise them and increases community awareness about the specific needs of boys.

Men Can Stop Rape
Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR) is an international organization that mobilizes men to use their strength for creating cultures free from violence, especially men’s violence against women. Since its inception in 1997, MCSR has led the call to redefine masculinity and male strength as part of preventing men’s violence against women.

A Call to Men
A Call to Men is a leading national men’s organization addressing domestic and sexual violence prevention and the promotion of healthy manhood. We are committed to maintaining strong partnerships with women’s organizations already doing this important work. We help to organize communities in order to raise awareness and get men involved in this effort.

Coaching Boys Into Men
Coaching Boys into Men is a Coaches Leadership Program that partners with athletic coaches to help young male athletes practice respect towards themselves and others. Coaching Boys into Men equips coaches to talk with their athletes about respect for women and girls and that violence doesn’t equal strength. Through CBIM, athletes learn skills to avoid violence and abuse in their relationships.

VAWNet Special Collection: Men and Boys Preventing Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence
This Special Collection provides resources for anti-violence programs to increase their capacity to engage men and boys in their work to end violence against women. The collection explores the social construction of masculinity and the impact that pro-feminist men can have on advancing the anti-violence movement.