The Difference We Make

MECASA has a strong tradition of advocating for victims’ rights and high quality sexual violence support services and prevention.

As we look forward to the next year and the next legislative session, there is still much work to be done. To continue to be successful in our work, we need your financial support. Your contribution will fund our work on promoting legislation that addresses the needs of all Maine’s victims/survivors, continuing to help support the essential needs of trafficking victims, and working toward justice for child sexual abuse victims and their families.

Please help us continue to engage in this important work by clicking on the JustGive link below and supporting our work. Your contribution helps to ensure that survivors receive victim-centered services, that they have a voice in the halls of the Legislature, and goes a long way toward helping us end child sexual abuse and all forms of sexual violence in Maine.

You will receive a thank you letter to document your gift for tax purposes. Contributions to MECASA are tax deductible to the full extent of the law, minus the fair market value of any gifts or benefits received in return.

Workplace Giving

If your workplace offers MaineShare as a charitable option, you can designate MECASA to receive money through payroll deductions. If your organization does not offer this option, you can contact MaineShare directly by visiting their website:

MaineShare gives you an easy way to donate to MECASA. Through payroll giving contributions and direct gifts, you can help MECASA put an end to sexual violence and ensure ongoing support and services for victims/survivors. Your year-round giving at work provides MECASA with a steady flow of dollars to keep important programs going.