ElizabethWardSaxl_150pxElizabeth Ward Saxl, Executive Director

Elizabeth has overall strategic and operational responsibility for MECASA’s staff, programs, expansion, and the execution of its mission to end sexual violence in Maine and to support high quality sexual violence prevention and response within Maine’s communities. In addition, she focuses on initiating and advocating for victim-centered public policy at the State House and in other policy arenas. Elizabeth reports directly to MECASA’s Board of Directors, which is comprised of the directors of the sexual assault support centers across the state. Elizabeth lives in with her family in Belgrade. Elizabeth may be reached here.


DestieHohmanSprague_150pxDestie Hohman Sprague, Associate Director

As the Associate Director, Destie leads MECASA in developing the agency’s work plan; working on evaluation and how we measure our efforts; grant writing and reporting; and helping to set the agenda for statewide prevention and programming. She also helps to support the staff who are coordinating programs, such as the Maine Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers, the Maine Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Network, and member services. She is happy to help out with questions about program development, outcome evaluation, collecting data and making it useful, primary prevention (and spreadsheets!). Destie lives in Bath with her family. She may be reached here.


CaraCourchesne_150pxCara Courchesne, Communications Director

As Communications Director, Cara oversees MECASA’s internal and external communication strategies to define the agency’s statewide messaging and support MECASA staff and member centers in all communication needs. This includes media support (developing talking points on emerging issues, writing op-eds and contributor pieces, and coordinating with centers and local media on issues in their communities), creating digital and print content, social media, and ensuring MECASA’s products have a consistent voice, quality and visual palette. Cara lives in Hallowell, Maine with her family. Cara may be reached here.


KatieKondrat_150pxKatie Kondrat, Underserved Programs Coordinator 

Katie is the Underserved Programs Coordinator, responsible for supporting infrastructure and sustainable, community-led sexual violence services for underserved populations, including victims of trafficking and exploitation. She works with local anti-trafficking teams and culturally and community specific providers to create tools and resources to make services more accessible and equitable. She works closely with the Member Services Coordinator and the CAC Network Coordinator to integrate those resources into sexual assault support centers and multidisciplinary teams. Please reach out to her for any questions about trafficking, the Safe Space program, culturally-specific programming or any other underserved population. Katie is from away, but has been a resident of Portland, Maine for over ten years. Katie may be reached here.


MegHatch_150pxMeg Hatch, Children’s Advocacy Centers Network Coordinator

Meg is the Network Coordinator for the Maine Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers. Her work is focused on providing support to Maine’s existing and emerging CACs and multidisciplinary teams. The Network also creates a monthly Resource Round-up, maintains the CAC website and updates the online CAC toolkit. Meg’s goal is to create programs across the state so that all children have access to high quality intervention services provided at CACs. Meg lives in Whitefield, Maine and when she’s not working she enjoys spending time outside with her family, running, creating delicious food and reading. Meg may be reached here.



LisaBowen_150pxLisa Bowen, Financial Coordinator

As the Financial Coordinator, Lisa creates and maintains the financial records and accounting systems at MECASA, as well as maintaining and managing the grant and contract reporting processes.  She also provides technical assistance to the member centers for accounting, budgeting, and fiscal management.  Lisa lives in Farmingdale, Maine with her family. Lisa may be reached here.



Erika Allen, Program Coordinator

As Program Coordinator, Erika enjoys spending her time planning conferences, webinars, and trainings, and playing with numbers in MECASA’s database. While she’s not at our office, Erika is busy living her best life in Jefferson: going to farmers’ markets, picking out glittery stickers for her planner, and writing to her senators while watching episodes of Scandal and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Erika may be reached here. 

Sarah Firth, Grants and Compliance Coordinator 

Sarah is the Grants and Compliance Coordinator. Her work is to ensure compliance with federal and state grant requirements as well as to ensure contract management and reporting. Sarah will also be responsible for managing RFPs and the resulting contracts, expanding funding and supporting relationships with funders. She is available for any and all questions about grant and other funding compliance. Sarah lives with her family on the road to the blueberry fields in Vienna. Sarah may be reached here.

Katie MacDonald, Prevention Coordinator

Katie is MECASA’s Prevention Coordinator. Her work is focused on providing technical assistance and support to prevention educators at all of Maine’s sexual assault support centers. This includes supporting the development and implementation of prevention programming and evaluation across the state, facilitating bi-annual prevention affinity meetings, managing the MECASA Prevention Education Toolkit—MECASA’s online resource for preventionists—and creating round ups of relevant tools and trainings. In her spare time, Katie enjoys spending time with her dog, exploring the world, and spending time with friends and family. Katie may be reached here.

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